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In order to choose the correct insulating glass it is necessary to define what the prevalent necessity is. It is indispensable to understand if the predominant need is to keep the heat inside our houses, to isolate from noises, to avoid the intrusion of spiteful people or, why not, to take advantage of a sun shading system integrated in the innovative "Screen- Glass Home & Building" insulating glass.


The insulating glass with ScreenLine® integrated blind systems.
ScreenGlass® Home&Building

ScreenGlass® Home&Building

ScreenGlass® Home&Building is an insulating glass with integrated sun shading system, a finished, high-performance glazed unit. ScreenGlass®Home&Building allows the selection of the glass composition and the system within the ScreenLine® range that are most suitable for the architectural project, both in the residential (Home) and commercial (Building) fields.

La schermatura solare

The sun shading system

The sun shading system used is ScreenLine®: a wide range of patented blinds, manufactured for being encapsulated within two or three glass panes, which offers a number of benefits in terms of energy saving and comfort for daily use:

  •  Does not require any cleaning or maintenance
  • Ensures privacy in residential and working environments
  • Increases protection from burglary
  • Is extremely long-lasting, owing to the features of the components used.
Standard & Prestazioni

Standards & Performances

ScreenGlass® is manufactured in compliance with the European standards regulating insulating glass units and sun shading systems:


  • EN 1279-2 gas leakage EN1279-3 moisture penetration
  • EN 1279-6 fogging
  • UNI 10593-1/2 insulating glass
  • UNI EN 12150-1/2 tempered glass
  • UNI EN 12543-1/6 laminated glass IFT VE 07/2 IFT Directive on sun shading systems within insulating glass
  • EN 14201/13120/16433/16434 blinds for interior

Articulated in the diverse types of glass available on the market (low-e, selective and reflective, etc.) ScreenGlass® helps to achieve the best results as to visual comfort and energy performances. It also allows the optimisation of light transmission inside the rooms during winter and summer, thus contributing to a reduction in costs for heating and cooling and, consequently, in COemissions. Also thanks to its revolutionary V95 slat and its patented warm edge spacer bar for 20 and 22-mm cavities (the first one in the world in the field of integrated glass units), ScreenGlass® is able to obtain energy performances that can be compared to those of external shading devices.

La vetrata giusta per ogni stagione

The right glass for every season

The internal and external brushless motors contained in ScreenGlass® allow the raising/lowering and tilting operation of numerous groups of blinds with perfect synchronicity. They are certified by IFT for Life Test exceeding 80,000 complete cycles (standard VE 07/2 – internal motor) and by TÜV and CSTB for Life Test exceeding 20,000 complete cycles (external motor). Thanks to the brushless technology and to the expressly developed electrical accessories, ScreenGlass® can be integrated with the most complex BMS networks and managed via mobile devices. The reliability of the gearmotor group and the use of components designed for application in architectural contexts that are subject to extreme temperatures, such as façades, make also the motorised versions of ScreenGlass® a reliable and long-lasting choice.

Gamma colori


ScreenGlass® is avalaible in wide range of colors.

Consegna in 10 giorni lavorativi e quotazione in 24 ore

Delivery within 10 working days and quotation in 24 hours

Within the “Home” array of products with insulating glass applied in traditional window frames and in quantities that are typical of the residential sector, ScreenGlass® is delivered within 10 working days from order receipt. Requests for quotation are processed within 24 hours and the dedicated sales force is able to provide the client with all the expert advice and assistance that are necessary to identify the most appropriate solution for each project.